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Benson Area Transit (BAT) Route Efficiency Study

In 2020, the City of Benson’s Benson Area Transit Program was awarded 5305 funds (GRT-20-0007903T) from Arizona Department of Transportation’s Multimodal Planning Division (ADOT) to conduct a Route Efficiency Study (Study).  This Study was to review existing routes and conditions to determine if there were opportunities to increase efficiency while also maintaining overall rider satisfaction.  The Study was to be completed by September 30, 2022 and include recommendations for improving efficiency.  Read the draft report and provide us with any comments you may have using the Contact Us form below.  Deadline for comments is November 10, 2022.

Draft Report


Resiliency in the face of hazards, threats, and events is the hopeful outcome of any emergency planning. As the prospect of these emergency situations continues and even grows, rural transit agencies in southeastern Arizona are more likely to be tasked to implement their own internal emergency plans or work with larger, coordinated efforts to address emergencies faced by one or more communities.  

Working Papers 1 and 2 - Existing Emergency Management Plans and Their Impact on Rural Transit Providers in the SEAGO Region.

Working Paper 3 – Rural Transit providers’ capacity to address emergencies in the SEAGO Region

Please use the Contact Us form below to provide us with any comments you may have.

Regional Transportation Coordination Plan

Read the most recent Transportation Coordination Plan for the SEAGO region.

Rural Transit Consolidation Study for Cochise County

2020-2021 -  Final Report

Transit Service Plan for the City of Willcox

August 2020 - Final Report

Willcox Transit Feasibility Study

June 2019 - Final Report

Cochise County Intercity Route Feasibility Study

October 2017 -  Final Report

Graham County Transit Feasibility Study

July 2015 - Final Report

Benson Area Transit Route Efficiency Study - Draft

August 2022 - Draft Report